7 Questions to ask a Wedding Photographer

One of the biggest investments in your Wedding Day will be your Photography but how do you choose a Photographer and how do you know what you need from them? We have put together 7 questions to ask a Wedding Photographer so you can find your perfect match.


The responsibility of a Wedding Photographer is huge, there are no re-shoots or recreating the emotion of your wedding day. Your photographs are one of the only things that you will have once your day is over and photographs have a way of becoming even more valuable as time passes and memories of the day are not as fresh. For this reason, investing in your photographer is vital. This is an investment in the person, not the product. A good photographer should give you a solid product, as long as they are a professional level photographer, but a great photographer will guide you through the process, invest in you as a couple, look for options, problem solve and deliver a service and experience from first meeting to well beyond your Wedding Day. 

As a Wedding Photographer that has captured over 350 Weddings across hundreds of venues and locations, there are some questions that we are frequently asked and others we hope you will ask, so you can find your perfect Photographer.

1.  Where do I even start looking for a Photographer?

A great place to start is to ask your venue if they have a preferred suppliers list. Asking friends or family about their experience at weddings with photographers can also be valuable. Then, ask Professor Google. You can search for a photographer by location but, depending on the location, it may be limited. Try looking for Photographers who have previously captured Weddings at your venue or find a photographer you like and ask if they travel.

2.  Can I see your portfolio or some recent work?

The vast majority of Photographers will have a good selection of their work available to view online. Have a look through their Website, social media and any other online publications to see their style and determine if it is a good fit for you as a couple. Try not to rely on social media alone as a very small, low-resolution image can appear different on Instagram than it will as a high resolution print. It may be difficult to ‘define’ their style but take notice of the colour finish (is it clean, dark and moody or particularly golden), consistency across all images (does it look cohesive or a bit mismatched), mood (is it romantic, light-hearted, silly, relaxed). If you're still not sure if the photography style is what you are looking for, ask the photographer to show some printed examples or some more work.

3.  Do you have References, Referrals and Testimonials?

Have a look through testimonials from previous Wedding couples. A group of testimonials can show important trends and highlight certain qualities of their service.

 If a Wedding Photographer is recommended by a venue, it is likely that they have captured multiple Weddings at that venue, have produced good results and worked well with the venue team. Both of these are good indicators but also talk to others that have had experiences with that photographer to get a better overall picture.

4.  What experience do you have?

Experience is vital. Having 10 years of experience doesn’t tell you much about the experience level of a photographer. Does this mean one Wedding a year or 30? Instead take note of the extent of the photographer's experience across different venues, climates, environments or even different sized Weddings to see how versatile they are. Some photographers may ‘specialise’ in a type of Wedding experience such as Snow Weddings or Winery Wedding so make sure their expertise match your own Wedding requirements. The experience of a photographer will prove important in providing a more seamless experience and polished result.

5.  Can we meet!

Whether you have narrowed down your options to a few Photographers or just one, meeting or talking to your photographer is a must! There is so much you can not tell from websites and social media posts and you need to make sure you can work as a team to produce great results. More so, you spend most of your Wedding day with this person so you need to not only get along with them but trust them and even enjoy their company. Your ease with your Photographer will show in your photos. Ask as many questions as you like but also listen to what the photographer has to tell you about their service.

6.  What Packages do you offer?

Asking a Photographer for packages and prices is a good way to see if you are a good fit in terms of the extent of service and budget. Asking for packages will give you a list of inclusions and hours of coverage. Often Wedding Albums are included in some of the packages and a good thing to consider at the time of planning. Other questions you might like to ask are:

What is the deposit amount?

Is there a payment plan option?

When is the final payment due?

Can I alter or add to the package after I book?

Are there travel or Accommodation fees?

When researching photographers, remember that not all packages are comparable and cheaper doesn’t always mean a bargain. In fact, rarely. Back at the start we mentioned your photographer is an investment and the package is just a formal way to show you what the service will include.

7.  Do you have Insurance?

Professional Photography is a very large Industry, and the level of ‘professionalism’ varies widely from highly skilled and experienced photographers to relatively new photographers that are just starting out. Most will offer similar looking packages of around a full day coverage with digital files but the level of this will be vastly different. Whoever you choose, they should have a few basic requirements that are essential if they are a Professional Photography Business, and these include: 

·        Public Liability Insurance (most venues will require this)

·        Business or equipment insurance

·        Professional Level Cameras and Lighting Equipment

·        Backup Equipment in case something gets lost, broken or malfunctions.

·        Backup storage and professional level post processing equipment

A good photographer will encourage you to ask questions so they can put you at ease, offer solutions and get to know you a little better. Communication is really important so you can plan, problem solve and above all, enjoy the journey knowing you are in safe hands!

We hope this helps you to find your perfect Photographer and Happy Planning!

I have been capturing weddings, people and places for over 12 years now and honestly love what I do.

Specialising in Weddings, I have shot 300+ weddings and been honoured to work with some amazing people, stunning venues and beautiful locations across our country as well as receive multiple awards for my work . Servicing Albury NSW, Canberra, anywhere and everywhere in-between.

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