How many Weddings have you captured?

I have captured over 300 Weddings over 12 years regionally and as far as Brisbane, Melbourne, Canberra, Tamworth and Southern Victoria. Many of these Weddings have been in the Wine and High Country but I have had the opportunity to capture images in all kinds of locations, situations and weather variations. This allows me to draw on past experiences and think quickly on my feet, becoming more versatile and adaptable on Wedding Day.

Do you travel and what does this cost?

Yes. Most of our Weddings are further afield. Travel costs are worked out on an individual basis and is only to cover basic travel and necessary accommodation. We suggest that the earlier this is planned, the better travel and accommodation prices we can secure. 

How are our images presented to us?

Your individually developed images are presented in your own online gallery which allows you to save them as either high resolution images (for printing) or low resolution (for sharing online). The gallery is beautifully presented and allows you to create collections of your favourite images. It also allows you to select and purchase your images as prints, frames or canvas' directly through your gallery and have them delivered to your door.

We aren't great at posing, is that ok?

For sure. While I may 'tweak' your position or angles to achieve the best light, silhouette or most flattering angles, I try not to 'pose' as such. Instead I will prompt you and look to provide opportunities where you can naturally interact. An Engagement shoot can be a great experience being in front of the lens and how much fun it can be.

We are not sure how to choose our photographer, do you have any tips?

Budget is a major factor when planning a wedding so we often hear people choose photographers based on their package prices. However, packages can be hard to compare because one photographers offering can be vastly different to another’s, even thought the package looks similar on paper. A few things to consider are; take the time to look through the photographers portfolio and social media and make sure you love what they do, across the board. Talk to the photographer and make sure you are a good fit in both creative style and personality. If you’re unsure of anything, ask questions and see if they will be the solutions finder you need. And a big one…make sure your photographer is who you want to be around on your wedding day. Your experience on the day is just as vital as capturing it, so it is really important that you feel at ease and have confidence in their abilities. 

How far ahead do we need to book?

Often we are booked 12 months ahead but the more popular dates and long weekends can be booked up to 18 months ahead. Sometimes it seems like you have plenty of time when planning but the sooner you book your vendors the better your chance of securing the date you want or the vendors you want.

How long will it take to get our Wedding images?

Generally it takes 4 weeks for you to receive your images after you Wedding Day, we also aim to have a 'Sneak Peek' online for you the week after your wedding day to share with family and friends. In the later part of the Wedding season and Christmas time, this sometimes extends to 6 weeks although we would be in touch if that is the case.  

Do you offer Wedding Albums?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of Premium Quality Albums which are each handcrafted and personally designed for you. You can see some of the beautiful options at Queensberry, or here in the studio.

We have some special requests, can you work with us on them?

Yes, of course! Every Wedding is unique and we work with you in preparations, just prior to your day and throughout your Wedding Day for any special requests you may have. 

We want our dogs at the ceremony, are you a dog person?

You wouldn't believe how often I get asked this.... and Yes!

Can we allocate more time for our Bridal Shoot?

Definitely. Your Bridal Shoot is a really special moment for you to spend as a couple amongst the busyness of your day. An extended Bridal Shoot allows for more locations, locations further away or a moment to sit and relax. You can also consider a pre-wedding bridal shoot.  

We want a 'First Sight' before the Ceremony, can you capture this?

Yes! We have frequently captured the moment the couple see each other before the Weddings. Each planned and each unique. 

Can we build our own Wedding Package?

Absolutely! We offer three packages in our initial information as a suggestion of inclusions. We are more than happy to build a package that suits your needs, requests and wishes. 

Who will we be dealing with during our planning and on Wedding day?

We use the term ‘we’ a lot in describing our work because we are a team of two. Furthermore we are part of a creative network of specialists such as printing, framing, technologies and resources without whom we can not provide the level of service we seek and you deserve. Rest assure, if you book Jason to capture your Wedding, Jason is your photographer, your contact and your support prior to, during and after your Wedding Day. This includes all post production and delivery of your Wedding Images, and design of your Wedding Album.

What if we are getting married abroad?

We would love to talk to you and as with all destination weddings we are set up to travel. We always quote flights, travel, accommodation and hire cars where needed on an individual basis. 

Do you have a second shooter?

No. When you book Jason, you get his artistic and professional view of your day as he sees it. Jason is, however, often accompanied by an assistant that enables him to be even more efficient and stealth-like on the day!

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