Your Day

I immediately feel comfortable with a camera in hand. Surrounded by people on a busy city street or deep in the high country, I see capture something different, create something special. 

If I could, I would spend most of my time in the High Country. Any time of year, it just feels like home. So capturing stunning Weddings and being able to shoot and capture this amazing landscape is pretty special. It’s great when you get the opportunity to really show a couples individuality. We've had Bridal Shoot's in the Snow with pet Huskies or snowboarding. Wineries, waterfalls, forests, golf courses...there's always an opportunity to really capture personality and to push the boundaries.  

Wedding day is game day. I need to be focused, relaxed, confident and ready for just about anything. A lot of work goes into preparation for the day and you need to be ready for when things go as planned and when they don't. It sometimes happens that you end up with a storm in the middle of Summer, or bushfire haze. You need to be prepared for just about anything and be flexible enough to anticipate it. 

 Photography is about light. Light can be used to create effect or mood. It can create illusions, be soft or severe. Even the absence of light is an opportunity, and when it's not available, it can be created.

At the end of the Wedding Day, I start to shift gear and think about Edit and Develop. I spend a lot of time on the edit, developing each image to reflect the picture I had in my mind when I was shooting. Putting together the story. Spending time carefully creating the Wedding Album. Post production is a completely different set of skills and a world of constantly evolving technology and applications. It’s a skill that takes plenty of time, patience and you need to keep up to date. I love that it has some powerful contrasts to the shoot where time doesn’t wait for you to be ready for that one shot. 

Bride and Groom standing at the summit of Falls Creek, looking at each other.
Groomsmen having a beer at Circa 1936.
Bride walking into her wedding ceremony linking arms with with her Mum and Dad, Canberra Wedding Day
A couple on their wedding day at Brindabella Hills Winery near Canberra, the Bride is looking back over her shoulder
Bride and Groom sharing a moment, dancing in the sunset outside the Corowa Distilling Company on their wedding day
Bride and Groom in the Barrel Room at the Corowa Chocolate Factory, he is holding her hand and kissing her on the head
Groom with his best man helping with his tie and collar at Rutherglen Convent.
Bride and Groom sharing a moment on the iconic Driveway at All Saints Estate on their wedding day
Bride and Groom with their Bridal Party spraying a bottle of Champagne on the iconic Driveway at All Saints Estate
Bride and Groom on their wedding day at Pinnacle Valley Resort, they are walking towards the sunset holding hands.
Couple sitting in a Kombi Wedding Van, surrounded by snow while they share a glass of Champagne at Sunset
Bride with her Bridesmaid helping with her wedding dress before her wedding ceremony at St.Leonards Vineyard
Bride and Groom having a kiss looking through the veil.
Bride in her wedding dress smelling her wedding flowers.
Groom with his parents and sisters.
Groom in his black tie suit at the Rutherglen Convent before his wedding at All Saints Estate.

Chloe + Myles

From the bottom of our hearts we want to say thank you Jase. You are an absolute legend and our day wouldn’t have been what it was if it wasn’t for you. C + M

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